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Your child browses the Internet round the clock? Your spouse doesn’t let you view chat correspondence? Your employee uses non-business related applications? Isn’t it better to get the access to all these things? When it comes to phone tracking there appeared a reliable solution, keylogger, that will secretly provide you with the detailed data on all keystrokes made on the phone.

mSpy is proud to present a release of its new Keylogger feature. The program monitors and logs each keystroke that a user inputs into his cell phone providing the customer with a detailed report delivered to password-protected Control Panel.

The Keylogger runs invisibly in the background of the phone and can be used for various situations that you otherwise have no control over. Here are just a few of the Keylogger features you will benefit from:

Used applications, work duration, keystrokes, Internet browsing history;

View your child’s social networking, such as Facebook, Google Plus;

Read Emails sent on the monitored phone;

Monitor chat conversations:

- Skype;

- iMessage;

- Viber;

- Facebook Messenger;

- WhatsApp.

Keylogger is a great tool for parents who want to monitor messages their children send and what applications they run. It is a perfect solution to collect any login data of your spouse that will alert in case of upcoming problem and help the user dealing with it. You can see what web sites have been visited in your absence and view any chat conversations that have taken place.

Another point of using Keylogger is that it can raise productivity of office employees. You can use the program to track what applications they are run, what websites they visit at the expense of the working time. You may inform your employees that they are being monitored or run the program stealthily. It is not always enough to know about the apps installed on the target device. With Keylogger it will be possible to record login data, search phrases, chat conversations, text messages, and other data that will help you clarify real intentions of your target.

Keylogger is compatible with Android platform only, capturing text typed in any application, web page visited, e-mail correspondence and chats on the target device. After the installation onto the target phone Keylogger will capture keystrokes and transmit the information to the user-friendly Control Panel. The Keylogger can be used absolutely without a risk of being exposed. While the program is active, it is almost impossible to notice or terminate it.

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