Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A cell phone is the perfect tool for the cheating partner and spouse. A cheating spouse cell phone is a portable communication device that allows them to communicate with their secret lover in so many ways. The most frequently used method a cheating partner will use to communicate with their illicit lover is sending and receiving text messages.
Sending and receiving text messages can be done in total silence by your unfaithful spouse while they are in the very next room and you will have no idea!
They can delete text messages as soon as they are received!

Their Cell Phone is also your Best Friend to Catch Your Spouse Cheating!

Secret stealth monitoring of your cheating unfaithful partners cell phone lets you know everything they say and do with their secret lover - INSTANTLY and at ALL TIMES.

You will see EVERY SINGLE TEXT MESSAGE they send and receive - even if they delete the text messages immmediately.
With EasySpy GPS LOCATION TRACKING feature you will know EVERYWHERE they go and WHEN they go there.
Any time you want to HEAR everything your spouse is saying and WHO they are talking to simply activate Secret Audio Surveillance feature to turn on their cell phones microphone making it an instant room spy bug.


Track All Calls - See exact time of every cell phone call they make and receive, if each call was incoming or outgoing, how long each call lasts, phone numbers calls made to and received from.
Track All Text Messages (SMS) - See exact time of each SMS, if SMS was incoming or outgoing, phone numbers text messages sent to and received from, exact text message - word for word - sent and received.
Location Tracking (GPS) - See their EXACT location at all times. Position of cell phone is displayed on a REAL map with street names, town names and every other feature you find on a regular map.
Email Tracking - Spy on all emails they send and receive with mobile phone, exact time each email sent and received, exact contents of each email exactly as sent and received.
Photo Tracking - Every picture taken with target phone is yours to view. Sent to email address entered during installation. Can be saved to your computer, cell phone or USB flash drive.
Video Tracking - Video captured via target phone will be yours to view. Sent to email address entered during installation. Can be saved to your computer, cell phone or USB flash drive.
Secret Audio Surveillance - From any cell phone, dial the target phone to activate their phones microphone turning it into audio bugging device. Hear everything said in the room above a whisper! Listen to conversation of all parties involved as is you were in the room.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cell Spy Software - Think You've Got A Cheating Partner? Use Mobile Phone Spy Software To Confirm

Cell spy software is an increasingly popular tool used by people who wanted to know if their partner is cheating. The cell spy software can be installed in most mobile phones so learning the cell phone activities of their partner is very easy since every text messages and call logs would be forwarded to a specific site. A single log-in could determine the activities of their partner. They will know if there are incriminating text messages that will lead them to conclude that their partner is really cheating. It's a sad truth but cell spy software could prevent further damage to the relationship.

Simplified Installation

Mobile phone spy software sounds like a very complicated technology but the reality is that its process is very simple. The mobile phone spy software tracks every activity on the mobile device through its IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is a number assigned to every cellular telephone in the world. Although telephone numbers are recycled, the IMEI is never recycled which means this number stays with the gadget even though it's no longer used.

The advancement of technology has taken advantage of this unique number. Tools that can monitor phone calls use IMEI so that it could remotely connect to the phone device anywhere. It is even possible to monitor phone calls even if the telephone is used outside the country.

Completely Hidden Application

The success of cell phone spy tools is on its ability to remain hidden after installation. Tools installed in the gadget will never detect the existence of the software and it will never slow down the gadget because it works in the background with very little requirement. Once installed, you can easily connect to the device using its IMEI.

Additional Services for Telephone Tracking Tools

Aside from monitoring calls and text messages, these tools are also useful for tracking the phone's real time location. Since it could connect to its IMEI anywhere worldwide, it could be tracked through online mapping websites. There are even powerful tools that could be used to remotely listen to phone calls. This is even more ideal for spouses who suspect their partners.

Aside from personal uses, applications that can track mobile devices are also possible in business settings. Business owners could use this software to prevent their employees from abusing the privileges of mobile phones. It's even a tracking device so business owners could easily monitor the location of their employees during business hours.


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Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to Recover Old & Deleted Text Messages from Cell Phones

Recovery of old and deleted text messages is now easy like never before for the cell phone users. Auto Forward has recently come up with a life changing technology that takes cell phone tracking to a new level altogether.

New York based company Auto Forward has hit the headlines recently by developing the cutting edge technology that makes it possible for cell phone users to recover all their deleted and old text messages. Apart from messages, this highly reliable cell phone tracking technology also provides remote access to all phone calls, Twitter, Facebook, GPS, and much more. Auto Forward works as a Master Mobile App and users can use their own tablet or mobile phone to monitor their target phones in terms of all actions that are supported. The Auto Forward software is extremely user friendly and no computer is required for its installation.

The launch of Auto Forward is expected to make life easier for the employers and parents. Most of the modern day parents are extremely worried about the cell phone usage pattern of their children. Similarly, business owners often look for a technology capable of helping them control employee behavior that leads to idle time at work and loss of business secrets. Auto Forward can be the ultimate solution for both these cases with unbeatable features such as SMS recovery, call recording, GPS tracking, call log monitoring, browsing history monitoring, email monitoring, and much more.

After the installation of the app, users are required to enter the cell phone number that they want to monitor. Once installed, the app efficiently and accurately extracts all text messages, GPS tracking, recorded calls, etc. and uploads them to its server after their recovery from the target device. As a result, users have remote access to all recovered data from their mobile devices or computer. At present, Auto Forward is supported by all versions of iOS, Android, and Blackberry. It is also compatible with all major mobile service providers around the world.

In spite of its brief tenure in the market, Auto Forward has already started receiving rave reviews from delighted customers. One of the earliest users of Auto Forward Edward G. strongly recommends this technology saying, “I’ve never seen anything like it! The darn thing sent everything right to my cell phone. I never had to touch a computer and I was able to spy on the phone without having to get it! Fantastic program!”

Auto Forward can be purchased for a one-time fee of $69.99 only without any monthly or additional charges. Most importantly, there is no time limit for the Auto Forward users. To start using this unique remote monitoring technology for cell phones, please visit Auto Forward web site.

About Auto Forward: Auto Forward is a recently developed technology that allows users to remotely monitor the usage pattern of target cell phones from their cell phone, computer, or tablet. Auto Forward can be used on the go because it functions as an application. Users of this technology can access lost and old messages, phone calls, GPS, Twitter, Facebook, and much more.
Article source: Coram, NY (PRWEB) May 07, 2014
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